Garbage Truck
  • SHANGLONG offers a lineup of garbage compactor trucks for the safe and efficient collection of waste. Excellent performance in loading, compacting and transportation are sure to meet your needs. Making the collection process easy and efficient has made the rear-loading garbage truck popular among customers around the world.

    1. The connection of the hopper and truck body features the most reasonable tilt angle. The body is designed with a blade type push-off plate that comes with the optimal loading angle.

    2. After compacted under over 30t force of the loading mechanism in the hopper, the waste will be pressed into the body under a force of 10t. Meanwhile, the push-off plate will compact the compacted waste all the time using a force of 5t. This is easy to fill the compacted waste into the body from bottom up. The volume utilization ratio is up to over 97%.

    3. Not only can the waste loading mechanism of this garbage compactor truck work automatically and continuously, but it also can work semi-automatically or manually. Moreover, it has an echo reset function.

    4. To collect wet garbage or garbage with large water content, the rubbish compactor is designed with a water tank which makes sure that it will generate no pollution to the road and environment during waste collection and transportation.

    5. The waste compactor truck is driven by hydraulic system. The maximum working pressure is up to 210bar. System working pressure is up to 180bar.

    6. Each cycle of compacting and loading will spend 25 seconds. The time taken to push off the waste will not succeed 45 seconds.

  • SINOTRUK HOWO 6x4 Compressed Garbage Truck

    Chassis: ZZ3257M4347C1


    Model: CNHTC brand WD615.87, 290hp, euro II emission;

    Rated power: 213/2200kw/rpm;

    Max. torque: 1160/1300-1600Nm/rpm;

    Discharge: 9.726L;

    Type: 6cylinder inline, turbo charger inter cooled, 2 valves, postposition supercharger.


    HW15710, 10 speed;

    Type: Manual

    Gear box

    ∮430 single plate dry diaphragm , hydraulically with air assist. WD615.87 with 430C;

    Steering: ZF8098 hydraulic steering with power assistance;

    Front axle: HF9, rated loading:9T;

    Driving axle: HC16 double reduction driving axle;


    Model: HW76;

    Lengthen cabin, 1 sleeper, adjustable steering wheel, VDO panel, control module, safe-belt with 2 locks, outer sun shade.

    Rim/Tyres: 12.00-20 bias tyre;

    Brake system

    Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake

    Parking brake (emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels

    Auxiliary brake: EVB+engine exhaust

    Electric system: CAN bus control, voltage: 24V, alternator: 1540kw; Starter: 7.5KW; battery: 12V/165Ah, 2 pcs.

    Cabinet Capacity: 20m3;

    Precompressor Volume: 2.5m3;

    Cycle time for garbage loading: ≤20S;

    Cycle time for garbage unloading: ≤45S;

    Compression force for garbage loading: 400KN;

    Axle base: 4325+1350mm;

    Wheelbase ( front/ rear): 2022/1850;

    Min. ground clearance: 314mm;

    Max. speed: 75Km/h;

    Max. climbing capacity: ≥50%;




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